Thursday, October 21, 2004

Michelle the Malicious

Michelle Malkin is a very beautiful wingnut. She writes about the importance of using preventive concentration camps in the war against terror, and in general has decided that most money and fame is in finding those forgotten viewpoints that Attila the Hun thought too right-wing.

She has now directed her unusual mind to the task of chewing up the women who support Kerry in the presidential campaign. She calls them "hysterical" (this has a lot of anti-woman history, Michelle), a disgrace to a nation at war and Sniveling Sallies. This is a pun about the Rosie the Riveter concept of the second world war. Michelle really likes feminists who are safely no longer active. This is common among the wingnut gals, by the way, and a way for them to seem not as extremist as they are. But they would have been opposed to Riveter Rosies and the suffragists and all the other old-time feminists. I happen to know this.

Anyway, Michelle thinks that we should all be Riveter Rosies: we must do as the president tells us without any whining or complaining:

During World War II, young Rose Will Monroe was the face of American women in adversity: strong, supportive and resolute against the enemy forces that threatened our existence. Tens of thousands like Rosie rolled up their sleeves, gritted their teeth, and flexed their muscles in factories and shipyards and arsenals across the country.
They made rockets and rifles and bombs and boats. They painted and drilled and welded. When they got home to their kids, they cooked and cleaned and collapsed in bed after praying for their husbands and brothers and uncles on the battlefield. Rosie and her sisters in arms didn't have the luxury of complaining about their lack of "me time." There was a war to be won. And so, as this presidential campaign season has constantly reminded us, there is today.

I'm glad that Michelle is out there making airplanes and then going home and collapsing after praying for her husband. She knows what's what, obviously. This war is no different from the WW II!

I'm a little tired about addressing people who live in some different place from reality, and it's no longer even that fun. What can you write about someone who believes that being a Democrat is akin to treason? That women who want better treatment in the labor force are shameful at the time of this war? That we should use preventive concentration camps against Muslims?

Malkin should be ignored by all sane people. The problem with this approach is that it leaves her voice clear and audible to all who might not be noticing her insanity.