Sunday, October 24, 2004


I have eaten far too much today. This is because I had to do a trial run of my post-election dinner party, and so I cooked everything for twelve people. I still have enough to eat for the rest of the week.

One should really have blue food on election day, but other than blueberries most blue food is blue because it's covered with mold. Red food would be no better except for some berries, once again, as it reminds me of blood. Not that I was planning to serve anything red anyway, just blabbering.

My main course is an odd pie I found in an Italian cookbook. It has a lot of cream, eggs and cheese, together with a little bit of pasta and vegetables. Very delicious, and quite deadly for the veins. I'm going to send Bush a big piece. Unless Henrietta and Hank get it first.

Then there is the usual salad with greens and stuff, and for dessert a pear galette. This turned out poorly as my pie plate was too big and I kept stretching the batter thinner and thinner until it burst, and I decided not to take the pie out of the oven even though it was turning black because the cookbook said it had five more minutes to cook. But the black bits can be sawn off, I believe, and the pears look very beautiful. Too bad that the crust doesn't come off the pie plate. I have to rethink this one.

Also, I shouldn't serve two pies in a row during the same meal. Why is it that I'm so divine in most fields of life but anything to do with the kitchen makes me go all limp and dizzy? It's not for the lack of trying or enthusiasm. I have plenty of both. Maybe George could use this in his speech when he finds that he is no longer the president of the most important power of the world and realizes that he never was any good at it?

Though I should omit the divine bit if I lend this to him.