Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Chocolate-Coated Ramblings

Have you ever noticed the advantage Bush gets in this campaign by being the sitting president? All the headlines put his name first, and so do the other media. This may have an impact from just sheer repetition, though I naturally hope that the impact is like someone grinding their teeth in your ear.

And why is the current flu shot shortage not Bush's fault? Why did he outsource the manufacture of this vaccine, but doesn't let Americans buy cheaper drugs from Canada? Questions, so many questions, and not a single answer.

But we get plenty of answers from the talking heads after each debate. In fact, they tell us what really happened, so that we are not misled by our own eyes and ears. That nobody thinks this is really funny is a sign of the times. Is Rapture closing on us?

After all these thoughts that lead nowhere I went out and bought the most gorgeous chocolate tartlet in the whole world. It's filled with all sorts of French sauces and covered with several layers of chocolate: the only no-fail orgasm. I needed it!

Why isn't Kerry offering free chocolates to everybody? If it works for goddesses, think what it would do to ordinary mortals!