Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Al Capone's Campaign

The politics in this country is developing a 1930's Chicago gangster flavor. For one thing, voters in Nevada who recently registered may not in fact be registered. The reason? Their forms have been shredded by a private firm called Voters Outreach of America:

The out-of-state firm has been in Las Vegas for the past few months, registering voters. It employed up to 300 part-time workers and collected hundreds of registrations per day, but former employees of the company say that Voters Outreach of America only wanted Republican registrations.
Two former workers say they personally witnessed company supervisors rip up and trash registration forms signed by Democrats.
"We caught her taking Democrats out of my pile, handed them to her assistant and he ripped them up right in front of us. I grabbed some of them out of the garbage and she tells her assisatnt to get those from me," said Eric Russell, former Voters Outreach employee.
Eric Russell managed to retrieve a pile of shredded paperwork including signed voter registration forms, all from Democrats. We took them to the Clark County Election Department and confirmed that they had not, in fact, been filed with the county as required by law.

This firm is largely financed by Republican sources.

For another thing, a website predicting electoral votes has repeatedly been attacked by hackers who seem extremely professional. The hate mail the site receives is entirely Republican in nature.

Now, I'm not arguing that only Republicans play with maffia rules. The Democrats might be as bad, though if they are, they are so incredibly skillful at it that we don't hear a peep from the Republicans. Nah, it's a lot more likely that Democrats are held back here by both their ethics and their wussiness.

That was about Democrats as a class. There are exceptions, of course, and I'm one of them. I'm quite ready to start throwing evil spells on various operatives of this Al Capone campaign. Karma be damned.
Link to the Nevada disgrace by Kos.