Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Beach Volleyball

An unnecessary event if there ever was one, or so I think. So remember that. But I watched some matches in it and even liked the athleticism, until I saw a women's match and found out that they play in bikinis.

Now, when something is called beach volleyball bikinis might be the proper thing to wear, I hear you mutter. Yes. But look at what the men wear! A Talibanized version of the traditional top and shorts. Do men swim in such gear? Not where I go to beaches.

So why this difference in rules or whatever? Let me guess! No, I better not. Instead, I'm going to tell what I heard one of the commentators say. Supposedly there have been many more ball handling errors in Athens than is usual, and according to this commentator the reason is in the ball being wet. The wetness comes from the forearms of the first player who touches the ball after it crosses the net. The correction to a wet ball is for the athletes to use their tops and shorts to dry their forearms.

Good. And what do the female athletes use for this drying operation? Their hair? I suspect that there are more ball handling errors in the women's games for this reason. Just remember that if you read that women commit more beach volleyball errors than men.