Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Are You Famous?

Probably not. I'm only well known within the snake world nowadays, and I was never much more than a footnote in the annals of history.
But should you happen to be famous and kind, please let me know. I will then pester you to add your famous name to my "Goddess Praise" column on the right. (If you say that you really hate my blog I won't publish that, however. This is a fair warning of my biased nature.)

Don't you think my praise-column looks striking? Katha Pollitt is a wonderful writer and a very funny speaker, so I am extremely proud to have her statement head the column. And I didn't even lie! She really said this. Probably by accident, but nevermind; I grabbed the opportunity.

This is called capitalism. Everybody must advertize, every dog must wag their own tail. It doesn't come naturally to many people, including goddesses, but it's an absolute must nowadays. Otherwise there will be no adulation, no big presents on Fertility Day and no sculptures of my divine form.

It wasn't actually any easier in the olden days, though the advertizing was slower and involved all sorts of ethical problems with pigeon entrails. Artful Asp wants to work up that old trick to advertize me as she now dreams of a career as my PR manager. Other ideas she has is a "Guys Gone Wild" program. I leave interpreting that to your imagination. She is all hormones right now, is our Asp.

I appreciate her efforts, nevertheless. And I really appreciate everybody who reads my blog whether famous or not. I can't think of any way of writing this without appearing to ask even more praise in the comments section. So just to make it clear: I am not asking for praise in the comments section; I already did that this week.

But what would be fun is a discussion of what makes someone famous and whether being famous is a good thing or not. Greta Garbo (an old Swedish actress who was very beautiful and hated publicity) didn't like fame, and I suspect that many other famous people would also like to be a little less famous if they could. It would be nice to go out to buy foot powder or something without having it written up or pasted all over the tv screens.

Notoriety, now that could be quite exciting. But it's hard to be notorious and unknown.