Thursday, June 10, 2004

With Liberals Like These...

who even needs conservatives as enemies? I'm talking about Susan Estrich, a law professor at University of Southern California and the author of a frankly feminist book Sex&Power. She was the first woman to run a presidential campaign in the United States, that of Michael Dukakis. She is supposed to be a liberal.

Here is Susan as a guest host on Hannity and Colmes:

HANNITY: I mean, we hear this. We've got Soros -- wait a minute. We've got Soros; we've got Podesta. We've got them going into talk radio.
But when you watch what they're doing they seem to want to attack personally conservatives just like they have hatred for George W. Bush, but they don't have ideas. Where are the ideas on the left? Where is the thinking liberal?
ESTRICH: I don't know. I don't have a full-time job on TV, so I can't tell you.
I don't know any liberal radio except the one that's failing. I don't know liberal television, you know, that doesn't exist. All right

Strong analysis, right? Being a good debater on the liberal side of the spectrum, right? Well, my left shoe would have done better.

And here is Susan in her column which for some obscure reason is on the Clintons:

Compared to Bill Clinton and George Bush, John Kerry looks like a guy with relatively little not to like about him. He didn't start the wrong war; he didn't have sex with the wrong girl. He enlisted. He's not Bill, or George. It may be enough.

It was just a few short years ago that we were a nation torn apart by reports of a blue dress, a cigar and oral sex in the White House.

Is it possible that we can really turn aside from the scandals of war and peace and return to the simpler days of a blue dress?

Or is it inevitable that the debate, this time, will be about why we wasted so much time on nothing when we could have been focused on weightier matters; whether Richard Clarke was right in arguing that Clinton put a higher priority on fighting terrorism and Al Qaeda than George Bush did, or whether it is also true that had we not been so distracted, the country as a whole might have put a higher priority on fighting terror than fighting against each other?

There are, to be sure, some Democrats who worry that Clinton's reememergence will make Kerry look pale, dull and inarticulate by comparison. That is what happened last spring at the party's Unity dinner.

How does the old saw go? Damning with faint praise? Who was it who said that conservatives are those who attack liberals with venom and vitriol, while liberals are those who attack liberals more obliquely?
Whoever it was, that person must have met some of this new breed of liberals.