Monday, June 14, 2004

Something Happier

I was in a very bad mood today, kicking the snakes if they didn't slither away fast enough, and otherwise causing havoc wherever I went.
Also, I made a crappy post, which should have made me feel better but didn't.

The only thing that really works to bring my temperature down in a safe way is meditation, preferably while moving. Bagua is my new favorite method of practising. Besides, it will make me capable of fighting eight enemies at the same time, a very useful skill for any minor goddess.

Meditation is like unhooking the world's pesky teeth one at a time. Sometimes it's easier than other times, but it's never very easy for me, partly because I've got my teeth deep in the world also, and I have to disentangle those, too. But the relief that comes from letting go is wonderful. Suddenly I notice what a lovely evening it is, how the wind feels on my skin and how the green in the trees has already grown stronger and more serious. Summer is coming.

Meditation works, but I'm not sure why it does so. Is it just letting your brain idle for a while that makes more space for new feelings and thoughts? Or is it something to do with our nervous system and it's ability to rejuvenate when it is not being overloaded with all the usual junk? Or just refusing to think certain thoughts for some time?

Other things work, too. A really good fight can be wonderful, but I can seldom find anyone who is willing to duke it out. I know, I know, fighting is not nice, and neither is annoying people which also tends to make me more cheerful. So I'm a good little goddess and practise my meditation instead.