Friday, June 25, 2004

Savage Knows Women!

Here is what Michael Savage has to say about women:

From the June 22 broadcast of the nationally syndicated Savage Nation:
SAVAGE: But women in America don't really like anger. They don't even like the news, I don't know if you know that. They just want it to be calm, and safe -- and they want girl talk all the time. So I'll talk in a quiet, soothing voice today so that women don't get scared and run away. I'll make it friendly for women.
SAVAGE: Then again I just scared the women away from the show -- the women aren't outraged in America. No they want girl talk. They wanna hear about the latest movie -- perhaps BOTOX, like Barbara Boxer ... you know."

Just a reminder for all who think that the world is now full of fair and sane people, that the fights of feminism are all in the past, and that to be a feminist today means you hate men, as what other reason could there possibly be to be a feminist for?

But of course Michael Savage is an utter idiot, and we should ignore what he says. Then tell me why he has a public arena for spouting off like that while I, a real, brand-marked goddess have nothing but a crappy free blog? Oh no, I get the answer. It's because I don't like anger and news and prefer talking about BOTOX. What a good idea! Maybe inject some around the droopy lips of Michael Savage? Or if that doesn't work, we could always go for Superglue.