Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dear Diary

Today I woke up and had breakfast. It was cheese on toast if you're interested. I had my usual morning thoughts, about the meaning of life and if I really needed to buy more toothpaste.

Then I got dressed, and had the usual dressing thoughts, about why there is never anything to wear that is a) clean b) won't attract comments on the streets and c) won't strangle or chafe me somewhere.
I also hadn't finished the meaning of life thought.

Then I spent ten minutes looking for socks. What happens to socks? Who loves to divorce socks? Where do the ex-socks go when they die? Does it matter if I wear one black and one red sock?

Then I turned on the news and had the usual news-thoughts about why death isn't that bad really, and why they never advertize razor blades with the news shows. As usual, I quickly shed such disgustingly emotional ideas as very unpatriotic.

And then I sat down to write the Diary of a Boring Goddess in a Boring World. This is how far I've gotten.