Saturday, May 29, 2004

Promotion of Buggery Intimately Connected to Obesity

According to Lord Tebbit of Britain's House of Lords:

A high ranking Conservative member of the House of Lords says that the push for civil rights by gays is leading to a nation of obese people. Lord Tebbit then compared same-sex marriage to the promotion of buggery.
Tebbit, the former chair of the Tory party and its current Whip in the Lords, was debating the growing problem of obesity with a member of the governing Labor party on a British radio program.
He suggested Labor's ''promotion of buggery'' was ''intimately connected'' to the increasing number of overweight people.
''Families now so seldom eat together. They don't prepare meals properly. Wives are pressurized into thinking they ought to go out to work instead of looking after their children. And it is the breakdown of family that is at the root of it.

Mindboggling. It's almost admirable in its idiocy. I especially like the pressurized women. It's a model specimen of how so much of the extreme right propaganda starts with the conclusions: "the gays did it" "the uppity working women did it", and then rearranges the landscape between this and the problem at hand to lead to where they want to go. That's why crime is caused by feminism, by the way, and why our national defence is weak. In fact, everything is the fault of those people who are demanding their rights, yet shouldn't have any. In a hierarchical right-wing society large numbers of people are needed standing and just holding up the ladders so that others can climb, and horror of horrors if some of the supporters go and get their own ladders! Imagine the teetering on one leg of the ladder! Hmmm. I wonder if Lord Tebbit is at all overweight?

Thanks to frog for the link.