Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The "Election Threat"

As we have all heard from our dearly beloved John Ashcroft, the terrorists are already here, among our midst, plotting to cause widespread death and havoc. The information is very credible, he says, but, as always, it does not include what, where and when. Just that something really horrible is in the planning stages, perhaps a plague or radiation sickness or a smallish nuclear war. Be very, very afraid. You are powerless, a fly trapped in the spider's web just waiting for the moment when the poison strikes you. But do not worry: all is in the good hands of the administration.

I am doing my utmost to pray to all powers, whether real or not, that nothing of the sort will happen. I don't want people to die for any reason at all, and especially not for someone's delirious nightmare views of a war between what some misguided people call civilizations. Or for someone's desires to have unlimited power. We really need to put adults in charge of this world, and that goes for both sides of this so-called war.

Just consider this interpretation of the terrorists' plans:

That information dovetails with other intelligence "chatter" suggesting that al-Qaida operatives are pleased with the change in government resulting from the March 11 terrorist bombings in Spain and may want to affect elections in the United States and other countries.
"They saw that an attack of that nature can have economic and political consequences and have some impact on the electoral process," said one federal official with access to counterterrorism intelligence.

That's why the purportedly planned attack has been coined the "election threat": we are to view it as an attempt to change how we vote: If there is a terrorist attack this summer, then the terrorists have won if Americans vote for Kerry. On the other hand, if there isn't one, then Americans should vote for Bush as he kept the country safe. Get it? There's only one acceptable conclusion: Americans must vote for Bush.

But that's what Al Qaeida wants, too, of course. They can have no more suitable enemy in their desire to set all of Islam against all of Christianity than George W. Bush. He's reacting exactly as they wish him to do, and no way would anybody in Al Qaeida want an adult in control on the other side. That would ruin their games completely.

If we had adults in power, Al Qaeida would be regarded as the criminal gang they are. They would not be given the kind of status they get today. Instead, they would be hunted down by the police forces, arrested and punished as their crimes deserve. Ordinary innocent people on both sides of the religious divide would be allowed to live their lives peacefully and with dignity. But then adults are not in power, and I am only a minor goddess not all interested in world domination.


I knew someone who went to work one day and never came home. That day was September 11, 2001. He is still dead. Countless others know someone who went out or went to sleep and is now also prematurely dead, either on that date or on other dates before and after, and all these loved ones and missed ones are still dead. These senseless deaths are not to please any God. The very earth cries when such things happen, and the only creatures who receive sustenance from violent death, fear and suffering are very sick souls who never grew up. They should not have the power to kill, and that they do have this power is to the eternal shame of all of us.