Wednesday, April 21, 2004

More Bad Poetry

Yes, I know I promised that there would be no more. But where else can I force people to read these? And these are really very good bad poems.

1. A bad poem is good to write,
wholesome to read.
It is as fresh as a sharp bite
in an ocean of mead.

2. The paisley pattern in my tights
reminds me of sperms in flight
seeking hidden ovaries
or contemplating suicide.

Poor things,
they're taken for a ride.
The losers have nowhere to hide.
The winner, taken to one side
becomes the goal of spermicide.

Their life is short and hidden.
To name them is forbidden
in all-mixed company.
You have to stay calm and firm
if you are to be a sperm.
It helps to trust
in life after lust.