Thursday, April 08, 2004


My muse has gone cavorting elsewhere. He got some new tattoos, that's why. But this leaves me without anything interesting to write about; only little beginnings of ideas. Here they are, in lieu of anything better:

1. An interesting article on Saudi women here. It seems that many Saudi women would like to work, drive cars and go out without a man's permission. A lively debate has ensued in the Saudi press. I want similar lively debates in other countries: should Republicans be allowed to drive if they refuse to have taxes for roads, should people who fraud corporations be allowed to go for walks without their victims' permission and so on. At least these debates are about something substantial, not about the humanity of some humans.

2. This is a very good site for checking on any lies in the presidential election campaigns. They seem quite impartial.

3. It's spring, and the symbol for all the glory of the spring is the egg. The egg is a perfect thing, without a single seam.
The only way to improve it is to fill it with chocolate. And the most beautiful color in the world is robin egg's blue. However hard artists may try, nature beats them easily. Except perhaps in the chocolate media.