Friday, March 05, 2004

The Liberal Coalition: What to Read this Weekend

So much to choose from as usual. You could begin by finding out some of the things that the Bush administration has been working on: T.Rex has a whole series of short posts on bad news about the economy, and Steve Gilliard (welcome back!) wonders if outsourcing might reduce terrorism abroad but increase crime and jobless gangs at home. Elayne Riggs tells us that now editing manuscripts from Iran might be seen as helping the enemy, and the Invisible Library talks about the Al-Qaeda that you might not know yet.

A natural next step would be for you to find out about the next elections. Steve Bates has a sobering tale about the Sierra Club to warn us that democracy is no good if people refuse to participate in it, and Corrente recounts how Bush is asking for money to prepare his team for the time after re-election...Charles2 has a frightening post on why Bush shouldn't be re-elected. Definitely worth a read. Words on a Page explains why independents should not vote for Bush and Scout gives information on how to give your tax refunds to various democratic causes.

If you're hungry for more political and social commentary, I can recommend BlogAmy's long and interesting post on the gradual chipping away of Roe v. Wade, and upyernoz's good article on Haiti, or edwardpig on times when spying is just okey-dokey. The New World Blogger has a touching post about the homeless in New York, and also wonderful pictures.

The hot political topic is same-sex marriage, and several bloggers have interesting information on it. Rivka discusses a fascinating study about what makes homophobic men sexually excited, and Mustang Bobby has a very good article on the whole same-sex marriage question. Speedkill also criticizes the arguments against same-sex marriage and Trish Wilson gives a good critique of Wade Horn's pro-marriage arguments. ( As I don't like Horn's politics, I was very pleased to read that.) Bryant addresses states' rights in this context and Archy the question when breaking a law is seen as acceptable by the right v. the left. Ntodd writes about the right-wing's arguments and delightfully manages to bring Jeremy Bentham into it.

Henrietta the Hound insisted that I add a special note about wonderful dog pictures on Clonecone, Chris Brown and MercuryX23. Iddybud has a funny picture of the Oscar George W. Bush might be qualified to win, and Gotham City 13 shows a series of adaptations of Transformer comic books to the current U.S. administration. Very funny. So is the picture on Collective Sigh about a cowbrain sandwich, but I'd recommend delaying looking at it until a few hours has passed since your last meal.