Friday, March 12, 2004

Bad Poetry

There's a lot to be said for bad poetry, especially as it's the only type I create. The poetry market suffers from a terrible imbalance: many are able to write bad poetry, but only a few wish to read it. The only solution is to force-feed bad poetry to the masses, and I'm doing it here first!

Do not soak your silverware
You cannot go from here to there
The warning signs are everywhere
Do not soak your silverware.

The die is cast, and cast aside
My pain is gaping, gaping wide
And everywhere the other side
seeks for me, I cannot hide.

Do not soak your silverware
If you do, you do not care
and everybody over there
will know you soaked your silverware.

What do you think? On second thoughts, I don't think I want to know... Feel free to use the comments thread for more bad poetry.