Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Mysteries

Life is full of mysteries.  One of the more minor ones for me is to ask why I have just spent what amounts to a full working day reading and writing about the theories of a couple of misogynists, especially given the length of my post on all that and the fact that I get no rewards from having written it nor no solace for the pain I experienced with that forced company.

I'm going to do better in the future, I swear!

But I now have electricity!  It went away after Sandy and stayed away for three days.  Its return felt like luxury.  Clean, clean, clean scales!  Bright fangs!  Warmth!

But all the food must go into the compost heap, sadly.

If there's a lesson to learn from that it might be that we should carefully consider how concentrated we wish our sources of food, energy and information to be.  I can make a very good case for more decentralization.

The other lesson has naturally to do with the dangers of ignoring climate change and similar issues.