Monday, October 01, 2012

Technology Sucks And Other Blog News

That's my divine opinion today, and it has direct roots in this business of changing everything about the blog in less than a week.  My fault, naturally,  for waking up only a few days before the demise of Echo, but there must be some excitement in life, right?

Or just call me the goddess of procrastination.  Anyway, the reason why technology sucks today is not because I'm a Luddite (which I am, in some ways) or opposed to technology (I love washing machines!  And fast cars!).

Nope.  The reason why I am so exhausted and disgruntled has to do with the One Time Only aspect of almost all changes that I have been forced to obey during my blogging career.  From an economist's angle the learning costs are always a new hurdle to scale, and once all that necessary learning is over it's pretty much useless for the future.  Because the next change is also One Time Only with brand new learning costs.

After a dozen or so of these event one gets jaundiced.   And becomes a procrastinator.

Returning to the recent changes, most things should be working by now.  I will go through the blogroll in the near future to update it.  Whether the old comments will appear or not is unclear right now.  I gave my weekend to them, including having to learn how to edit xml files.  We shall see.  Or not, depending on the gods of blogging.  But I got rid of quite a few gremlins.

I'm planning to put links to some of the series I have written in the right-hand column.  If you can think of any other improvements, please let me know.