Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Additional Short Post on The Wimminz-Vote-Their-Hormones Study

I'm not sure if my earlier post about the wimminz-vote-their-hormones study was clear enough, so I want to stress the major problem in the study:

It talks about women's fluctuating choices over the menstrual cycle but in fact COMPARES TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS OF WOMEN, one in a higher fertility stage, one in a lower fertility stage.  These are NOT the same women in two different phases of their cycles.  For such a study to have any value in interpreting effects over time, the women in the two groups must be at least roughly the same in all other characteristics except whether they are near ovulation or not.  But the study doesn't offer any information on those other characteristics.

I feel the need to stress that because I've already seen on the Twitter debates about the CNN debacle arguments that feminists just can't take science and so on.   Not all science is created equal though it should be.