Monday, August 20, 2012

Still Wallowing in My Archives! Or My External Memory

It's such fun, honest, except for also being extremely hard work.  I used to be very smart once, sigh.  And those archives can stand as my life's work, should I decide to enjoy my remaining life instead of always wearing the war helmet of the wrathful goddess.  Fighting for you, my sweet readers.

I'm researching my literary blog output for a longer-term project.  But as I mentioned before, this has had some really fun side-effects!  There will be posts on the  consistency of certain misogynists and also on their free access to Pulpits in High Places!

On the  negative side-effects:  I must stop complaining every time I get a head cold or a migraine.  It's most unattractive, as the archives tell me.  I must also stop pretending that I will ever do anything about this messy blog and all its problems.  I like the writing bit and the reading comments bit but I hate housekeeping of all types.  Though I will try to fix the most obvious problems (list: get a commenting system, find out how to solve the blog's appearance in other countries).  You might have to remind me to work on that.

Assuming that the archives will contain future posts.  I often wonder if I have anything left to say that I haven't already said much better before.  Of course, that didn't stop me on the first three or four posts on the same topic before.