Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chris Christie. Blind as A Bat?

This video of Chris Christie speaking about why the Republican Party shouldn't have to cater to women voters or the minorities made me grind my fangs.  Bad.

Christie is saying that there is no reason to have a different message to female voters than to male voters, that it is a fallacy to have to cater to a particular sector of the society, that it is condescending to expect to have a different message to women than to men.

Why I'm spouting flames right now:

First, the Republican Party does have a separate message to women.  No, they are not catered to.  They are catered as the main meal in that big fratboy-cum-Christianist dinner party of the GOP.

Women are supposed to give birth on demand, even when the pregnancy is caused by rape.  Women are not supposed to have access to laws which protect them against domestic violence.  Women are not supposed to have protection against labor market discrimination,  or to have maternity leaves or any chance of equal earnings and so on.  Indeed, women are supposed to do as they are told, to focus on Kinder, K├╝che und Kirche, and to leave the deciding bidness to men.

Second, the Republican Party does have a separate message to minorities.  Which is pretty much that minorities can go and f**k themselves.  There will be no protection against labor market discrimination based on race or ethnicity, and the hunt for "illegals" is certainly not about illegal Irish or Finnish immigrants to this country.

Third, the Republican Party caters very much to particular sectors of the society.  Those sectors are rich people, mostly older white men, and the Christianist hordes.  The latter are needed for their votes, and the former are the true base of the GOP.  But Republicans are quite willing to cater to misogynists, too.

Thus, Christie is full of crap.  He is insulting, perhaps because he wears blinders.