Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Knock, Knock.

"Who's there?"
"A woman guest on a major Sunday political show? Please, let me in!"
"Not unless you are an extreme wingnut lady. Or the Secretary of State."

From Media Matters:
During a month when the issues of birth control and women's access to health care flared up and became major topics of debate on the presidential campaign trail and in Washington, the Sunday morning talk shows once again loaded up their programs by hosting newsmaker interviews with men. Lots and lots of men.

And of the four women booked this month, just one, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was associated with the Democratic Party, despite the fact Democrats currently control the White House and the Senate. "We complain about this all the time," a Democratic aide told Media Matters.
But they did have Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann on as guests!

All this is weird considering that the Republicans keep arguing that the mainstream media is biased against them. But perhaps it's their continuous growling and barking that has created a playing field so sloped that only Hillary Clinton managed to get invited from the Democratic side of the aisle.

And yeah, the lack of women in the political media becomes shockingly obvious when the topic is about women but discussed mostly by men.