Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Still more on the Mississippi Single-Cell-Americans Initiative

The proponents of the Egg Americans (coming to a womb near you!) initiative in Mississippi are finally admitting that the fetal personhood amendment would have some serious consequences for the aquariums intended for the use of fetal persons:
From NPR’s Diane Rehm Show:
Hoye: Any birth control that ends the life of a human being will be impacted by this measure.
Rehm: So that would then include the IUD [intra-uterine device]. What about the birth control pill?
Hoye: If that falls into the same category, yes.
Rehm: So you’re saying that the birth control pill could be considered as taking the life of a human being?
Hoye: I’m saying that once the egg and the oocyte come together and you have that single-celled embryo, at that point you have human life, you’ve got a human being and we’re taking the life of a human being with some forms of birth control and if birth control falls into that category, yes I am.
Hoye, who is the president of the Issues4Life Foundation (a group that has erected anti-abortion billboards aimed specifically at African-Americans) also told Rehm that in vitro fertilization would not be affected by the passage of the bill, despite objections to the contrary.

Rubbish. In vitro fertilization would certainly be banned by the bill if the definition of a fertilized egg as a full human being is taken seriously. How to treat ectopic pregnancies would become a dilemma, too, and I still think it is not an accident that the fetal personhood initiatives always seem to ban the contraception methods that women can use in an invisible way.

On the other hand, the opinions in that quote made me think that perhaps a Single-Cell American is a better term for these new persons than Egg American.
This post on one of the local proponents of the initiative is also pretty scary.