Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's First Asshat

Would that pass the censors? And how do you write "censors" so that they are not those pots you wave about to get nice smells?"

This is one of those deep and open comments which we all yearn to hear so very much: me a sexist pig, if you’d like, I just don’t want to hear a female voice describing a football game.
I'm insulted on behalf of all the pigs who are smart animals and do not deserve the horrible treatment we give them.

I bet you anything that the comments to that post have someone stating that they quite agree even though they are female themselves. Which means that not wanting to hear women describe a football game cannot be sexist. Because, you see, if women (or people posing as women) say it, it cannot be sexist! No woman has ever hated on all the other members of her sex.

This reminded me of an old comment by Andy Rooney who just retired from Sixty Minutes.

He once argued that women should not report on men's games because they never played the game themselves. Of course that logic implies that no man should ever be an obstetrician. Nor any woman who has not herself given birth.

What makes this comment asshattery is that I don't share every stupid thought I have, thinking it's worthy of wider distribution. I have never told you how much I hate raisins, how raisins have no place sitting on our plates, looking like rabbit poop or dead flies, and how it is clearly obvious to every sane person that raisins should be rounded up and exterminated.