Monday, October 03, 2011

Amanda Knox freed (by Suzie)

Amanda Knox, convicted of being a witch and a slutty she-devil sexually assaulting and murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher in Italy, has been freed by an Italian court that threw out her conviction. She can return to the U.S.

Nina Burleigh has an account of the misogyny heaped on Knox by the British and Italian press and the Italian prosecutor. This was not the fear and hatred of a murderer, but the fear and hatred of a woman whose behavior does not conform. Rudy Guede, who had prior convictions and whose DNA was all over Kercher, was quickly convicted. He is serving 16 years for rape and murder. His motive was like so many other men who take their rage out on women.

Much more interesting to the prosecutor and the media were Knox, hyped as an innocent-looking woman who used her sexuality to make men commit unspeakable crimes. In addition to being attractive and having sex with different men, Knox was condemned for what appeared to be a callous attitude after Kercher was killed. I wish the media would do a better job of acknowledging that people have different reactions to shocking and bad news, and some of their reactions may seem strange and offensive to others.