Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fluff Post For the Day

Because I have been running errands, including the filling-in of a zillion forms. I hate them but actually don't really mind bureaucracy, because without some such system the weaker ones will lose even more.

But the fluff is not about that. It's about to-do-lists. I use them all the time but even so I realized that mine are fairly undeveloped. For instance, it's not a good idea to put down eighty things to do for tomorrow, because even the ten one manages to actually do will look like a failure afterwards. But I still put down far too many things, ranging from "sew button" to "fix the world."

And "send package to mom" is a disastrous number on that list. Much better to put down on one day: "gather together things for mom in one place," and on another day: "find a box of the right size," and on yet another day; "find tape and scissors", then: "prepare package," and finally: "mail package to mom." That way it gets actually done, and you feel full of achievement for a week.