Friday, December 17, 2010

Prata Om Det

This is a Swedish twitter topic #prataomdet which means #talkaboutit. It defends Assange's accusers, discusses rape and sexual harassment in general and even talks about the "gray areas" in sex. Some of the posts have been translated into English under #talkaboutit.

The idea is to talk about sexual violence more from the point of view of the victims. Revolutionary.

I have felt for some time that the discussion on Internet about what "sex by surprise" might be and all that should be balanced by an equally passionate discussion of rape and sexual violence and sexual harassment. This twitter topic is a beginning of some of that.
Added: After reading through some of the posts under the hashtag, I realized that the discussion is much more than that. Not really on the Assange case but really on the need to "talk about it." To break the silence, to talk about what sexual expectations are, what remains unsaid, what hurts, what confuses. It is a fantastic conversation.