Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lessons from Blogging. Part I: Do Not Give Up

I promised or threatened to write a few posts to celebrate my seventh anniversary as a blogger and I urge Suzie and Anthony to chime in, too, if they wish.

The lessons I have picked here are the more positive ones (though I can do another series of the negative ones if enough people are interested in that!) and they don't apply just to blogging but to most everything. The first of those lessons is:

Do Not Give Up.

These two pictures of goats feeding on minerals along a dam make the point much better. The first shows what they are doing from a distance, the second zooms in and shows us the individual goats. Now, think of yourself as a goat:

The messages are:

1. You will fail. Then climb up again. And again.
2. You are not alone.
3. It's not always harder than it looks and if other goats can do it so can you.
4. You don't have to be the best goat but you are a goat of Value.
5. You have the right to hold on.
6. Keep your eyes on the goal. And on your feet.
7. If it's there (the dam) use it!