Sunday, November 28, 2010

GOP Legislator Stalking His Girlfriend While Armed [Anthony McCarthy]

What would you make of a 58 year old Republican legislator being caught on a surveillance camera at a Planned Parenthood Clinic with a holstered gun? Of course, the clinic had been the target of anti-choice activity.

And what would you make of that legislator, when detained by police who had been notified by understandably concerned clinic workers saying that he was looking for his girlfriend and that it was "a jealously thing"?

Hackbarth had only known "Linda" for two months and they had gone out only a couple of times, according to the report. He told one officer that "he was mad because she might be out with another man."

He said he parked his truck along Ford Parkway so that he could walk down to the shopping and restaurant area. He was under the impression that the woman was meeting another man in one of the cafe's.

An alcohol breath test revealed Hackbarth was not drinking, according to the report. His handgun was turned over to a crime lab for a routine analysis.

The police report referred to the case as being closed. Hackbarth was reelected in November, and will begin his eighth term in office in January. His district, 48-A, convers parts of Anoka and Sherburne Counties.

And then add that he didn't know his "girlfriend's" address since he'd met her online and he was he was "mad because she might be out with another man."

So, that's what happened in St. Paul, Minnesota where State Representative Tom Hackbarth was briefly handcuffed and questioned by police. They also took his gun overnight because they were concerned by his "stalking behavior" and released without so much as a ticket.

What do you make of that in this year of 2010 with its "open carry" events, "2nd Amendment remedies" and other signs that the Republicans really mean that they are ready to start killing people? Feel the terror?