Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Invisible Elephant Sat On Me

The elephant being sexism, of course. A certain kind of sexism, a bit like ingrown toe nails, mostly hidden inside shoes, is still an acceptable form of bigotry. It is invisible because we are so used to seeing it that we don't register it as nasty and vile and harmful to children and other growing things.

The Schlessinger case below is one example of how this works. Dr. Laura could spend years (eons!) telling us that the oppressed role of women was a Good Thing, A Rightful Thing, and she got hired to speak on lots of television shows. To even spot that all this is true requires you to read some obscure feminazi such as Myself! And she didn't have to quit because of her sexism. Only when she cast her net of bigotry wider than that did she get into trouble.

Hence the title of this post. The invisible elephant romps all over this planet. It's even treasured as a form of cultural expression!

Now haven't you missed my ranting and raving, eh?