Monday, April 19, 2010

We Need More Right-Wing Television

If you believe that you will be glad to hear that more will soon be in the offing. Something called RightNetwork. It sounds like Tea Party Central. What other American group amounting to at most 18% gets as much attention from the media? I cannot think of any at all.

This casts serious doubt on the idea, the old-and-smudged-and-ripped idea that the media is left-wing. Actually, Americans wouldn't recognize a left wing if it flapped right in their faces, given all the comments about Obama being a socialist and such.

A real left wing is something quite different from pointing out that perhaps we should have universal health coverage such as is available in many other capitalist countries. Even that remark is cause enough to suggest that your collar looks Maoist and that you probably pray to the Devil at night. You commie goddess!

What frightens me about yet another wingnut television option is this: How are we going to discuss shared matters in this country if people choose to hear only their own interpretations of events? If people even decide on their own sets of facts? Aren't we going to drift further and further apart until staying one nation becomes impossible?

Comcast is a partner in this new endeavor. I'm quite certain that Comcast will soon launch a left-wing television choice, too! Any day now! After all, Comcast is a business, not a political operation? Or is it?