Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Fluff Post

I'm tired.

Is there any way of fixing doors where the plywood panels have cracked from old age? My books tell me that there isn't, but I'm hoping to hear otherwise because new doors are not in my budget. I was thinking of gluing 1/4 inch thick panels over the cracked ones and then painting the doors (they are currently stained).

Probably not worth doing?

Also, has anyone rehung doors which don't stay shut or open because of subsidence? My closet doors do that. The problem is that the bias is not just in one direction (those I can fix with padding of the hinge holes etc.) but in at least two. I'm getting sooo tired of being slammed on the butt by a door when I rummage around for clothes.

Alternatively, send me a lovely modern house with a large tai chi studio and a boxing corner and an inner courtyard with fountains and hedgehogs.