Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meanwhile, in Ukraine

The new all-male cabinet of Ukraine is not an accident, as told by the new prime minister, Mykola Azarov:

Women's groups in Ukraine have angrily reported Azarov – who presides over an all-male cabinet – to the country's ombudsman following his remarks last week. They accuse him of gender discrimination and holding Neanderthal views.

Speaking on Friday, Azarov said Ukraine's economic problems were too difficult for any woman to handle.

"Some say our government is too large; others that there are no women," he said. "There's no one to look at during cabinet sessions: they're all boring faces. With all respect to women, conducting reforms is not women's business."

There ya go. Women should stay in the kitchen.

But isn't it interesting how only feminists are supposed to be angered by this? I guess everyone else thinks the comment was perfectly appropriate.

My impression is that most of the countries which used to belong to either the Soviet Union or the old Soviet bloc have lots of open sexism of this pre-feminism type.