Monday, February 15, 2010

Buh-Bye Evan Bayh

So he is retiring and the reason is the lack of comity and bipartisanship in the Senate. Or at least the reason he gives. Time to pick up his toys and go home. I keep thinking of that old song about not playing in your yard, sigh.

Yes, the Senate is hugely dysfunctional. Yes, the Republicans are acting like spoiled brats AND like the Mafia at the same time. But why does this mean that they should be allowed a better chance to get back into power? Is the inability of the Democrats to get some things done a good reason to let the wholesale destruction of this country to continue?

It obviously is ultimately up to the voters. But if the current majority the Democrats have in the Congress isn't enough, how will a smaller majority work for them, hmh? That's what the most likely outcome for the November elections looks like, right now. It might be a time to fix those Senate rules so that the brats on the right don't spoil everything for the whole country.

Let's be honest about the Republicans: They are NOT going to play bipartisanship, because the failure of the Democrats is what might get them back into power. What they play is "My way or the highway." And that is not going to change.
Added later: Yeah, I know that Bayh is a DINO. But I wanted to get all this off my chest.