Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Even More On Holding Hands

Suppose that I want to kill someone and you want that person to live. What is the compromise in this case? To hurt the person quite a lot but not to death? And who appears to have "won"?

The example is an extreme one and I am not, so I'd never actually want to kill someone. But its point should be obvious: Sometimes a compromise is not a compromise. And far too often in politics it is the Republicans who want to kill motions. If the Democrats compromise with that they get...what?

The HCR proposal is a good example of something that goes along with my first paragraph. The Republicans don't want any reform at all. They want to sabotage it. To add their suggestions into the proposal is exactly like ending up with a wounded person in my example. Or even worse: The Republicans refuse to vote for the compromise that has been created, and then the wounded person is the Democrats' fault, even though they wanted the person not to be hurt at all.

And what shall we do with the badly wounded person now?