Monday, November 30, 2009

The Three Echidne Posts You Should Read

Now that was mean, because this post is all about the minor irritation I get from all those headlines:

8 Essential Sites for Cyber Monday
9 Low-Fat Holiday Desserts
Top Doctors Spill 10 Big Health Secrets
10 Commandments You Should Not Break

Every time I go to the supermarket for food I see the women's magazine covers at the checkout: Seven Ways To Drive Your Man Crazy! Ten Perfect Diets! Grrr.

Why all that fascination with numbered lists? Is it because those are about the easiest headlines to make if one wants to tie together lots of pretty unrelated bits?

I shouldn't complain, because my headlines tend to have nothing to do with the posts themselves which makes me cry when I try to search for something in the archives. They are mostly just clever goddessy quips.