Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's Action Alert

WAM which works for gender justice needs your help:

We know that there's more support for gender justice in media than there is for causes like that. But we need your help to prove it. Right now your donation to launch the new WAM! can count more than ever. It's easy - but ONLY IF YOU DO IT NOW.

From right now until 3PM ET TODAY (Thursday), we're competing in America's Giving Challenge. All we have to do to win $1000 is get the highest number of $10+ donors out of the charities competing on our day.

Can you give at least $10 today to help launch the new WAM! with an extra $1,000? We really can win if we all pitch in.

Right now they are losing to Make Abortion Impossible or something like that. That's not good at all. Besides, WAM does excellent work.

If you can afford to help WAM, you can do so here.