Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Ovens

I have been reading pro-birth sentiments about women. Women who have abortions were too lazy to use birth control, too weak to say no and too vain to carry the pregnancy to birth. A baby is the proper punishment for all these ethical failings! Men don't appear in those screeds at all, except as the saviors of unborn babies. I guess women get pregnant all on their own, inbetween botox treatments and trips to the mall, and they abort a pregnancy because it is inconvenient. "Inconvenient" is a word that crops up a lot.

But mostly the screeds are about life beginning at conception (what about all those fertilized cells in freezers?) and about the woman being a sort of oven which is to bake the babies until they are nicely done. Once the babies are out of the oven they are forgotten by the pro-birthers. But the ovens are not!

It really is all about who controls the ovens and who controls reproduction.