Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ensign on Gun Accidents And U.S. Health Care

This video really is quite hilarious:

I'm going to talk about Senator (R) Ensign's intended point later on, but let me first clarify what "gun accidents" are: Homicide. Of course gun accidents might also be included, but what he really talks about is violent deaths caused by guns of all types. It's not that Americans are somehow so clumsy when cleaning their rifles that they die like flies out of that. We are talking about intentional killing of people with firearms.

Ensign doesn't want to say that, because it would make the U.S. sound bad. Neither does he draw the obvious conclusion from the car accident death rates, which would be to have more public transportation. Fighting for something like that is not a Republican Thing.

Hence my guffaws when I watched the video. The topic itself is a serious one, but I'm rolling on the floor laughing when I hear a Republican defend the current health care system by saying that it works real well in a country where people drive recklessly and kill each other anyway.