Sunday, June 21, 2009

Terry O'Neill elected NOW president (by Suzie)

I wrote about this election Friday. Here's more about O'Neill from NOW, including:
"NOW is the organization that fights for the rights of all women no matter the circumstances of their birth, their race or sexual orientation, no matter if they live in poverty or are trying to escape violence," said NOW President-Elect Terry O'Neill. "My experience with domestic violence, as an abused wife left me humiliated and embarrassed. I only began to talk about this publically five years ago as I realized that to keep quiet was to continue the abuse. I want to empower women and telling my story does just that. Women are fed up with persistent inequality and are ready for change. I am honored and eager to lead NOW in making that change."
The AP notes her age first and then her skin color, along with those of her opponent, Latifa Lyles. Other attributes got left by the wayside, presumably because AP didn't think readers were interested in any more.

The Indianapolis newspaper had a longer story. If you wonder why it quickly shifts focus to a man, it's probably because the reporter was looking for an angle, but it's an old and tired angle. Reporters in the 1800s were marveling at men's support for women's rights.

Here's an article from Maryland, where O'Neill is based. Here's NPR.

At BlueOregon, Kristin Teigen attacks Clinton supporters who criticized NOW President Kim Gandy for strongly supporting Obama after the primary. Gandy endorsed Lyles. Teigen writes that NOW remains strong and vital despite differences of opinion. But after her candidate lost, she updated the blog to say:
Sadly, Latifa Lyles lost the presidency tonight by a mere 8 votes, leaving many progressive, multi-issue, diverse feminists looking for a new home for their money and energy.
Valhalla, at Corrente, says:
I have to admit, I'd pretty much written NOW off a long time ago as an DC-insider suck-up organization. And Kim Gandy's choice of Obama-worship over substantive advocacy for women last year would have been a turn-off in any case. But the recent election of new NOW president Terry O'Neill has allowed me, well, a bit of hope.
Reclusive Leftist was joyous (and my thanks to her for bringing the election to my attention).

Greta Von Susteren hails the victory, saying NOW may reach out to all women now, no matter what their politics. (Huh?)

Veronica at Viva La Feminista live blogged the convention, and she supported Lyles. She says, "The Sarah Palin supporters swung this election." Feel free to suggest other links in comments.