Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just To Tell You That

I really am of the girly persuasion: I'm going to spend this weekend hand-sewing 10 yards of fringe to the bottoms of the four curtains I made. What is more feminine than frill?

Except I don't like fringe at all (well, unless it's on a forehead), and this one is going on only because something like that is needed to make the curtains fall properly. A weight at the bottom seam.

Pennies don't work in this case, because I made the curtains out of fancy cotton shower curtains, bought at Restoration Hardware, and they just made the required length, with too narrow bottom seams. Hence the fringe.

The reason why all this makes economic sense should be clear as freshly-washed windows: To buy ready-made curtains for those windows, with proper tacked linings n' all, would easily set me back more than a thousand. The shower curtains (four) were about thirty bucks each and the fringe another fifteen. The lining material I reused from the old curtains. Hmm. I'm a tightwad.

In any case, the next step is to try to learn to live with fringed curtains.