Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ones That Got Away

Great blogging ideas, that is. I usually remember them long enough to jot something down within a reasonable time frame, but last night I had three great (well, not really, but great to me) ideas. Three! And I have forgotten every single one of them. At least one seemed to demand a whole big (possible even paying) article! Alas, they have drifted down that dark stream of oblivion, never to be spotted again.

Instead of those ideas, I found (jotted down) the fascinating coincidence of patter, patten and pattern being almost the same word! Duh. And below that I had scribbled:


Which was a joke I made up after reading people calling each other anti-semites in a debate concerning two Semite groups. I think it would be fun to call myself an anti-semenite, though I'm not really one. But neither am I a feminazi and I get called that fairly often. This is probably about as fascinating as patter-patten-pattern.