Monday, April 13, 2009

The Effete Political Hack

A Shaolin monk breaks an iron sheet with his head during a performance at a temple in Quanzhou, China

The effete political hack would be me. Someone called me that in the comments to an article or a post I wrote some time ago, and someone else recently thought that my writing style is effete.

But that doesn't work as an insult against a goddess of the girly persuasion, you know. I'm supposed to be effete. That's the whole point behind the insult: someone acting like a woman who is not one. Women are beneath contemplation for these types of insults. So whoever called me effete probably thought that I was a guy god.

Something like the Shaolin monk in the above photograph, breaking iron sheets with his head. That's not effete, right? I must admit that I have never broken iron sheets with my head (I was born with my head already this way), though I did break boards with my hands in my karate dojo. Indeed, many women (and men) like both kicking ass and effete stuff. My guess is that even more women (and men) would like to branch out if they weren't concerned about gender-linked stereotyping.