Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now No Napolitano

Janet Napolitano used to be the Democratic governor of Arizona. She vetoed quite a few bills aimed at decreasing women's reproductive rights. Now that she has moved on, Arizona politicians didn't wait very long to get all that anti-abortion bidness done:

Hoping a new governor means a different result, abortion foes have combined three separate — and previously vetoed — abortion measures into a single bill.
HB 2564 would:
• Require women to wait for 24 hours before terminating a pregnancy.
• Allow health professionals, hospitals and pharmacists to refuse to perform abortions or provide "morning after" pills or even to "facilitate" a woman getting access to either.
• Specify what factors a judge may consider in determining if a minor is mature enough to have an abortion without first getting parental consent.

Here's HB 2564. Notice that the proposal uses the term 'unborn baby.' This proposal most likely will become law under the new Republican governor.