Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Announcement

There will be more parts to my series on why feminism is still very much needed. So sad, that. Links to the first six can be found in this post.

If you haven't read those yet you have to send me a donation. I'd like a Daimler with burl walnut paneling. Or you can just go and read the posts in the series so far.

I also noticed that I have become rather radicalized by writing that series. It's as if I took the thin veil off my snakey eyeballs and suddenly I see! The brightness, it hurts! I peeled my skin off to write those posts and does that hurt. To pretend to see a society from outside leaves you seeing it that way for quite a while, no matter how hard you try not to do that.

What hurts especially hard is how funny sexism is. It's really funny, and those who cry sexism are the funniest of all. Also, wimmin are funny, because they are such emotional critters and have tits which they should show more. Britney Spears is funny! Paris Hilton is funny! Olivia Newton-John cannot sing! Chicks don't dig music! Nancy Pelosi has bug eyes! Condi Rice is a cold bitch! Hillary Clinton is a nutcracker! Sarah Palin is stupid! (Well, of course George Bush is stupid, too, but we don't spend centuries discussing that.) And all those grating female voices! I never realized how many people find those voices objectionable. I must be all alone in not being able to listen to Joe Biden's voice.

There's an odd paradox going on. On the one hand we get those science reports about how men are the logical sex and on the other hand we pretend that the playing field for women is completely and totally even in this culture, that there is no need to cheer for the Firsts among women, because women already are either even or the overladies of everything.