Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh My! You People are Exotic!

Most of the presidential campaign coverage makes me vomit. The part which is all about Barack Obama somehow being too uppity or too foreign or a secret mole for the Islamofascists. If the so-called liberal media in fact was at all liberal it would also cover similar silly stories about John McCain. About his famous temper (well, those stories might even be legitimate), for instance and about the eight houses he owns. Having eight houses sounds really exotic, uppity and foreign to me.

But nope. All we get is up-close-and-personal stories about only one of the candidates. I'm really tired of them. Tell us at least if Obama used to collect stamps.

All this is in honor of Cokie Roberts who criticized Obama taking a vacation in Hawaii as exotic. Even though Obama's granny lives there and even though Hawaii is part of the United States of America. It's so utterly silly a statement that it must be a feed from the secret wingnut headquarters. Pick your role, Cokie: Either you are silly or you are a secret mole of the Wingnutofascists.

Well, the Hawaiians didn't take well to being called exotic (via Eschaton).

This gives me an excellent opportunity to point out that all you American readers look and sound exotic to me. I remember those wolf-teeth in early television programs (every American guy in the shows had them). And jello desserts! Heh.