Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And Washington Post Responds

To the concerns of those who thought it was a bit much for a major newspaper to have a column all about how women are intellectually inferior Washington Post has only one proper answer, which Laura Rosen called "hiding behind Charlotte Allen's knickers."

I'd call it giving Allen another chance to spout her great contempt towards those other women. You see, what the Post did was this: Instead of a real apology or anything of the sort it decided to let Allen answer more questions about her great loathing of other women.

Isn't it interesting that those questions don't look anything at all like the comments to the original piece, that they have so many more positive and supportive and softball questions? Very odd and curious, that. Who picked the questions to be answered?

At least you can now find that the Outlook editor's lame non-apology apology about the initial column being a humorous one was so much crap. It was never meant to be satire, as Allen clearly explains.

I'm very angry at the Washington Post.

The ombudsman is still at