Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And A Fluff Post For The Election Day

A good political blogger should link to statistics which allow you to follow every moment of today's vote counting, especially in Texas and in Ohio. A good political blogger would write interesting posts about why Hillary is the Devil Incarnate and why Barack is just an empty gift box (though with nice ribbon). Then that good blogger would have to read through comments about how indeed we have a fight between a devil and an empty box, and how the outcome is apocalypse now, tomorrow and in November, and how lots of Democrats will not turn out in November unless their favorite candidate wins. Who knows, lots of Democrats might just vote for McCain instead. It's always fun to cut out your own nose to spite yourself.

Well, I'm not a good political blogger so I don't have to do that. Instead, I'm going out for some nice exercise and perhaps a bite or two (hmmm). But let me just remind everyone that what is at stake in November is not about Clinton or about Obama. It's about the warmongering, the nominations to the Supreme Court and about rescuing some still-alive parts of the Constitution.

So relax and keep things in perspective.