Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Iseman Commeth by Anthony McCarthy

You know that Hillary Clinton is damned for all time for the sin of keeping her family intact and we are seeing the beginning of a campaign to make Barack Obama's parents being married a disqualification for being president*.

But will John "Lucre" McCain ever be made to answer for the lies he's told about his pulling strings for a big supporter, AFTER he got fingered as one of the Keating Five? If someone's going to hold him accountable, it's up to us. The media are still all in denial like Maggie and Pearl at Harry Hope's Bar.

"An apparent contradiction in his response to lobbyist story. By Michael Isikoff Newsweek Web"

"Apparent"? You can take your pick, either he was lying last week in response to the story in the NYT or he perjured himself in a sworn deposition. Unless the media lies for John McCain, it has to admit that he's either guilty of one or the other, there is no other possible explanation. This is far past arguing about "is".

* See Roger Ailes' Blog from last Tuesday. Can't get the permanent link to work. And you might want to read the comment thread from Wednesday while you're there.