Friday, February 08, 2008

And Shuster Apologizes

You can view the video here.

Wonder how long it will take for us to be told how this apology is a sign of political correctness crushing the freedom of speech and so on? I'm sure all this is being written right about now.

My view on what Shuster said is that his statement, taken in complete isolation, might not have been worth criticizing. But it's not a statement living all alone in a tiny misogynistic hut somewhere in the Arctic. It's a statement fairly representative of the free-wheeling and jokey misogynism which has ruled the public airwaves for quite a while. Remember Don Imus and the "nappy-headed hos" statement? Remember all those hundreds of stupid things which germinate in Chris Matthew's mouth, especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton but also when it comes to women in general?

It's really this population of cool and flippant misogyny, the humorous disrespecting of women in general, that is the problem, and its presence inside the brains of so many pundits. Sadly, the only way of addressing that population is by picking out specimen samples and by holding them against some sunlight. I say "sadly", because the opposition will focus on those specimens, because the opposition will pretend that each of those specimens is unique, and because the opposition will insist on its inalienable right to hate on women.